Now Offering Ultra Comfort Lift Chairs


In today’s day and age, practically everything you own is technologically-advanced and easy-to-use, so why are you still sitting in an outdated, manual recliner with restrictive positioning options?

Start AutoLounging! It’s a unique blend of comfort, style, and power positioning technology… all beyond your expectations.

AutoLounger®’s feature our exclusive, AutoDrive™ hand control. Press the buttons to be taken into your favorite positions with ease.



After a long day at work, kick off your shoes, relax, stretch, elongate, and rebalance as you glide into the pressure-free relaxation zone the zero-gravity position. The pre-programmed ZG button on the AutoDrive™ hand control transports you to near weightlessness at the touch of a button. When your body is in zero-gravity, your spine, hips and knees are balanced, providing a natural relaxing position with minimal muscle tension or strain.

Total Comfort

Read a book, use your laptop, or watch a movie or the game… in Total Comfort!

Touch the TC (Total Comfort) button on the remote control and enjoy upright relaxation. The seat rises up just as it does in the ZG position, but the backrest stays upright, creating a neutral lower body posture to relieve your lower back and legs.


Did you spend a long day on the golf course or standing at the kitchen sink?  Give your body the stretch it deserves — place it in the Trendelenburg position!

It’s the perfect place to give your back the ultimate stretch. Your feet will be raised above your heart, you will feel soothing comfort as you experience  improved blood flow throughout your body.

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