Customer Service

ledger-staffService Beyond the Sale

Ledger Furniture has been helping to create warm and comfortable homes since 1950 — more than 1/2 a century! We believe we must treat people fairly and provide quality furniture, and our store is proud of the high level of customer service we are happy to provide. To reach our customer service department, call 254-547-1027, then hit 0 for the operator. Our customer service department handles scheduling, accounts, repairs, and general information. We’ll also schedule repairs when necessary, and we honor all of our manufacturers warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I bought furniture from Ledger Furniture a few years ago, but can’t remember the name of it. Can you help me?

A: Our customer service department has 10 years of sales records “handy” and can look up the model and manufacturer for you. We can also tell you if it is still available, or if your warranty is current.

Q: Do you sell the furniture you have in the showroom or do I have to order?

A: We do sell the furniture in our showroom, and can in most cases deliver it within a few days. As a locally owned family business, we use both our showroom’s space and our warehouse to house our inventory. You may order any items that are available from the manufacturer if you choose.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive? 

A: Each manufacturer has its own set of practices, but as a general rule most orders arrive within 4-8 weeks. However, an in stock item might arrive sooner, or a delay might cause an order to arrive even later than 8 weeks. Your Ledger salesperson and customer service department will endeavor to be as specific as possible based on a manufacturer’s estimate, but delays do occur that are outside of Ledger’s control. If you need an item for a specific date, it is best to order early or purchase furniture from our large showroom.

Furniture Protection Programs

Ledger Furniture offers Guardian Furniture Protection Programs to protect your investment with full replacement warranty coverage. The Guardian Furniture Protection Program provides you the assurance that your newly purchased furniture has been treated with high-performance quality products. Guardian is so confident that you will be satisfied with their furniture protection products, that they provide insured full replacement warranties. Guardian offers warranted protection for fabric, leather, wood, and mattresses. Ask a sales associate for more details on protecting your purchase.

Furniture Warranty and Repairs

Ledger Furniture handles most manufacture warranties in-house. If you have any problems with your furniture during your manufacturer warranty period, please contact us. There are some cases in which the manufacturer must do the repair work. If that is the case, we will contact the manufacturer and work with you to get your item repaired. Ledger Furniture does not offer any type of warranty outside of the manufacturer warranty.

If your warranty period has expired, we offer repair service at a reasonable cost. Please contact us for more information about furniture repairs.