Caring for Your Wood Furniture


Simply Amish Dining Table

Your furniture purchase is an investment. It can last a lifetime with minimal amount of effort.

You don’t have to be obsessive. You just have to care.

Here are a few tips to properly care for your wood furniture:

  1. Use placemats under rough plates, trivets to protect from the heat of serving dishes, and a tablecloth when we are serving large groups.
  2. Coasters aren’t necessary as along as you wipe off any condensation when you are done.
  3. Things get spilled on our furniture. It happens. We just wipe it off as soon as we are aware of it. The finish does the work. Only prolonged exposure to moisture will damage the furniture.
  4. Try not to leave something sitting on our solid-wood furniture for a long time if that piece gets a lot of sun. Some woods, like cherry, tend to change color over time when exposed to light.
  5. Just like us, solid wood furniture is always breathing. Very high levels of humidity can lead to warping and swelling, while very dry air may cause shrinking or cracking. Keep your wood furniture in an area that is less humid.
  6. When cleaning, always dust with the grain of the wood.

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